Beauty. Hygiene. Elegance. Ease of use. Simplicity in cleaning. There were lots of reasons the Geisthoff family decided to install a Viega in-wall flushing system when they remodeled their bathroom.

Homeowners Lynne and Christian Geisthoff decided to completely overhaul a hallway bath – used primarily by their child but also by guests – and change the room from a dated space to one with a crisp, modern style.

“The bathroom was stuck in the ’90s. There was really nothing wrong with it, but it was just outdated,” Lynne said. “We’re familiar with the European systems and, really, the cleaning options with kids … this really helps promote personal hygiene.”

One of the perks, hygienically speaking, in the newly finished bathroom is the Viega touchless flush plate. Alan Giese of Giese Construction in Boulder, Colorado, took on the bathroom remodel for the family, installing the touchless alpine-white glass flush plate, the in-wall flushing system, and all the other sleek, new components in the bathroom.

He’d never worked with the in-wall carrier system, so while Giese said there was a learning curve to installing it, in the end it was simple enough, and he could certainly understand the appeal.

“This was all new to me,” he said. “I watched a few videos prior to doing it. It was a little more in-depth (than a standard toilet installation) because of the electrical work to the system and all new water lines.”

There were a few hiccups too – particularly that the framing of the house made moving the plumbing around a little more challenging to accommodate the change to the wall-mounted toilet.

But after it was all said and done, Giese concluded he didn’t see any cons to the in-wall system, and now that he knows the ins and outs of installing one, it will be simpler next time around.

“I’d put one in my house,” he said. “There’s such a wide price range, and some of them don’t cost a lot more than a standard system. It cleans up the bathroom, plus there’s the sanitary aspect.”

For Lynne Geisthoff, the sanitary aspect was a big selling point. That’s why she chose the touchless flush plate. With the wave of a hand, a small or large flush is triggered. They also picked a high-tech toilet, complete with push-button technology, to open the lid or flip up the seat, helping to reduce contact with germs.

“I love the hygiene,” she said. “The cleaning option is nice, too, because with a wall-mounted system you don’t have the places around the bottom of the bowl that gather dirt.”

As an extra bonus, an in-wall system removes the crevices between the bowl and tank, which are often more difficult to clean. Plus, with the bowl lifted off the floor it’s easy to run a mop underneath. All of this adds up to a quicker, simpler job when cleaning the bathroom.

“I also like the sleek, contemporary look,” Geisthoff said. “It makes the room look bigger, a little more spacious without the tank.”She said she was pleasantly surprised with how quickly the whole in-wall system was installed, and after the bathroom remodel was completed, she regretted not putting an in-wall system in the bathroom they’d previously remodeled. So when the time comes for the next bathroom remodel, no doubt an in-wall system and touchless flush plate will be on the Ge

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