When you’re a smaller company, the best way to keep up with the larger ones is through speed and efficiency. Eric Carlson found those things with Viega.

Carlson has been plumbing for about 20 years and began using ProPress in the early 2000s. He quickly realized the benefits he could reap from pressing and later adopted MegaPress into his work as well.

The results are seen in large, complex boiler systems in residences in his home state of Massachusetts, both in large high-end homes and smaller run-of-the-mill-sized homes as well.

“My dad taught me that the only way to be more efficient when you’re a smaller company is to find ways to do things that save time,” Carlson said. “Everything is so much faster with Viega. When you put it together, you don’t worry about failure like you do with soldering; and it looks good, too.

“People always ask, ‘What’s the most expensive, parts or labor?’ It’s always labor!” Carlson said. “So the money you can save by using Viega press is immeasurable when it comes to the speed.”

For large custom boiler installations, Carlson said a job might previously have taken him 40 hours to do; but with Viega fittings, his time is cut in half or more.

Whether he’s putting a complex boiler in a $3 million home or a simpler boiler into a smaller home, Carlson uses Viega across the board because, as he says, “You still need to use a good product, no matter what.“And with residents, I get the ‘Wow!’ factor a lot when I install these,” Carlson added. “I had one woman who was a chemist and she said she appreciated the way it looked – all nice, clean and straight. I’m looking for that wow factor, for people to be pleased.”

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