Amazing speed. That’s what Anytime Mechanical owner James Music loves most about Viega products, and why his appreciation of the company’s products continues to grow. 

“I’ve been introducing Viega to a lot of friends and telling them how awesome it is in regards to speed,” he said. “When we first started running gas pipe, it would take four guys a week to run gas pipe in a hotel. We switched to MegaPressG and we’re doing it with two guys in two days. The speed is just amazing.” 

Anytime Mechanical has a lot of hotel jobs in and on the books. They just wrapped up the Home2 Suites by Hilton in Longmont, Colorado, which used MegaPressG for all of the hotel’s gas lines, plus Viega’s PureFlow System. Viega PureFlow PEX runs to each of the hotel’s 111 units and is connected with PureFlow Press fittings. 

This was the second of the Home2 Suites locations that Music and his crew worked on, the first near Denver International Airport. That location has been open for more than a year and Music said there have been zero issues with Viega products, making him even more confident in his choice for future hotels. 

“As I’ve done more and more hotels, I’ll never switch from Viega to another product,” he said. “These hotels have gone really smoothly.” 

Most hotels have a short timeline for construction, so being able to use Viega products helps Music’s crew get in and out. In fact, he said Anytime Mechanical steps back from jobsites for a couple of months after initial rough-in, waiting for the rest of the crews to do their work before they return for the next part of their plumbing and piping. 

“We’re roughing in these hotels in about four weeks, from top to bottom,” Music said. “That has a very large part to do with the fact that we’re using Viega. The speed! I’ve got five or
six hotels going on at the same time. With 33 plumbers on staff in our family-run company, we need to move them from site to site while we wait for other trades so we can continue our work.” 

Two other things Music mentioned loving about Viega products were the ease of fixing a potential leak, plus the safety aspect since there is no flame or fire involved. 

“If you do happen to have a leak somewhere, you can just pull it off, put on a new fitting and go. With a threaded system, you’d have to break down the whole system, all the way
back to where you started,” Music said. “No longer do we have to carry around pipe threading machines that most guys can’t even carry by themselves. They just carry around a MegaPress tool. 

“And we’re starting to use some ProPress now, and in wood structures, it’s scary keeping a building from catching on fire if you’re using a torch. We’ve seen so many fires on construction sites lately, so taking torches away isn’t a bad idea! I sleep a lot easier at night knowing that we’re pressing and not soldering.” 

A couple of months before Home2 Suites in Longmont was finished, Music’s crew turned on the water in the building to test it and didn’t experience a single leak. He said it was impressive, considering the thousands of feet of PEX tubing running through the walls and all the fittings involved. It gave him another boost of confidence in Viega’s products. 

“With Viega, I’m really excelling in hotels because of the speed it allows me to do them in. And speed means money,” Music said. 

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