A repair project estimated to take all day long was finished within two hours through the use of MegaPress XL and the MegaPress XL PressBooster. 

Roberts Environmental Control outside of Chicago received a call about a leak in a Michigan Avenue building originally constructed in 1901. The building had a leak in a steam line, and the owners needed a quick fix. 

The chief engineer of the building allowed MegaPress XL to be installed. Because the leak was within a chase, they didn’t want flames used or someone to have to thread pipes in a small space. 

“We use MegaPress on all our gas piping jobs in the suburbs,” said Clayton Lietz, Mechanical Engineer and account executive with Roberts Environmental Control. “They’re an ongoing client, and I use Viega all the time, so it made sense to use MegaPress XL. 

“They didn’t know how to fix this and were in a meeting pulling their hair out. I suggested Viega,” Lietz said. 

The repair required a 4″ fitting, but the crew also needed the PressBooster, which is when Lietz called Viega Industrial Accounts Manager Michael Hanney. He brought his loaner tool and met Lietz’s crew on site so they could make the repair. 

Lietz said it was tight quarters to make the repair so there really would have been no way to weld or thread anyhow. They simply angled the PressBooster in and made the presses necessary. 

“When you have to pull a burn permit, that’s another day. And when something is leaking and people are upset, they want it done,” Lietz said. “We projected it would take eight hours, and it was done in two. We sure appreciate that.” 

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