A historic and recognizable building in Logan, Utah, is being converted into 51 apartments, made possible with the help of Viega PureFlow products.

Originally a factory for evaporated milk produced by the Borden Company, the building was constructed in the early 1900s.

Because of its historic value to the community, a unique type of funding – $5.6 million in private activity bonds – is in play for the construction project. Private activity bonds are part of a federal program adopted by states that allows cities to issue bonds for projects that promote the general welfare of the state.

Developers of the Borden Lofts have been working with the National Parks Service to guarantee the building will retain its historic look and feel. The main floor has simple brick walls, steel support beams and wooden columns, and much of the original material is being kept intact and exposed.

This is why Viega PureFlow products were so handy in plumbing the water supply for all the apartments. Kim Stander, President of Stander Plumbing and Heating, said configuration of the supply lines in the building was tricky.

“I had to run it up and down and all around. There’s a lot of concrete in the building,” Stander said. “The benefit of Viega PureFlow is that I could fit it into the areas I needed because it bends. If I’d had to do this in copper or anything else, it would have been a total nightmare.”

There are two 2” water mains into the building, and Viega PureFlow Press fittings were used, along with some crimp fittings, on the ½” and ¾” pipe in the apartment units.

“It was a maze, figuring out the water through all these old walls,” Stander said. “I’ve been using Viega for years and knew PureFlow would work well here.”

The Borden Lofts will be completed in 2020.

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