In an apartment complex in Johnson City, New York, each residence is fitted with its own individual gas meter, and the roughly 10,000 feet of gas pipe used is connected by hundreds of Viega MegaPressG fittings. 

When the contractor Piccirilli, Slavik and Vincent Plumbing and Heating, Inc. (PS&V), started on the project, the firm looked at a lot of options and settled on Viega as the best choice. 

“All of the gas piping was sized smaller than 2″, so we looked into using flexible pipe, threaded pipe and joints, and even combinations of these systems. In the end our decision was that Viega MegaPressG would be the best option for us,” said Michael Mauro, project foreman. 

“You save on the labor. I had two guys on the project and if it was threaded pipe, I would have needed another two guys on it, so you’re talking about completely cutting the labor in half. This really helped us move through this phase of the project swiftly.” 

There are two buildings, the Sunrise Building with 66 apartments and the Century Building with 39 apartments. Sunrise was completed first, and Mauro said lines from the gas meter room to each apartment ranged from 75 to 425 feet. PS&V used between 400 and 500 11⁄4″ and 11⁄2″ 90-degree fittings to connect all the runs of pipe. 

In the Century Building, Mauro estimated between 300 and 400 fittings were used. 

“Everything looks very nice, the way it’s run. Clean, sharp turns, and everything all straight with these fittings,” Mauro said. 

The water service into the buildings also uses Viega. There is a 4″ copper main into the building, which narrows down to 21⁄2″, and is all done with Viega ProPress. This product was also used for the hydronic HVAC piping on the project. 

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