Research on high-quality plumbing products brought a Georgia homeowner to Viega, and his custom home project turned the contractor on to press technology.

Homeowner Greg Morin is building his dream home outside Watkinsville, Georgia. A scientist by trade – he has a doctorate in organic chemistry – Morin has been hands on with the entire building project, and said he knew he wanted certain things done in certain ways.

Plumbing for the water, for example, was something he took particular interest in, and that’s when Viega products popped up.

“I did more and more research and learned that there are three ways to manufacture PEX. I decided the way Viega manufactures it was the best way to go.”

The three ways PEX is manufactured are PEX-a (peroxide method), PEX-b (silane method) or PEX-c (electron beam method). The “a, b, c” subscripts are not a ranking system but simply a way to distinguish between manufacturing methods. All PEX is required to meet the same minimum performance criteria to be used in potable applications.

However, not all PEX is created equal. Viega’s PEX-b PureFlow tubing holds the highest attainable ratings for chlorine and UV resistance in the industry, which offers superior protection against degradation.

PureFlow tubing is also able to withstand, on average, nearly 10 percent higher burst pressures when compared to PEX-a. Viega’s PureFlow Polymer Press fittings carry the patented Smart Connect technology, assuring that connections are complete and carry a 25-year limited warranty.

Once Morin had chosen Viega PureFlow PEX products, he got in contact with Joe Welsh of SCW Inc., a manufacturer representative, who looped Viega reps in. Everyone worked hard to get all of the product needed for the project.

Morin’s home is approximately 10,000 square feet, plus an apartment over the garage. In building his dream, he said he built to a “very high standard, with a lot of high-quality materials,” and he didn’t want to cut any corners.

“I know Viega has been around a long time and produces a very high-quality product. It’s a solid company with a solid track record,” he said.

Using the PureFlow System, several ManaBlocs were installed throughout the residence. Between 4,000 and 5,000 feet of PEX link all the facilities in the home back to the ManaBlocs. And again, using the ManaBlocs was something that Morin requested specifically, noting that in his research he learned the Viega homerun system was “the” one to have, especially when using PEX.

Viega ManaBlocs have several benefits. They provide quicker hot water delivery resulting in less water waste, plus there is less pressure drop during fixture use. Having individual control of all fixtures via the ManaBloc is similar to having an electric panel for the potable water system in a home, all in a centralized place.

Plumbing contractor Randy Colquitt of C&S Plumbing in Athens, Georgia, was familiar with Viega and had done a lot of crimp work with PEX in the past, but this was his first foray into PureFlow PEX Press technology. He said he was pleased with how simple the pressing process was.

“I liked how the power tools made it easy. And one great thing about press, when you put it in a fitting and press, you know right then and there that you don’t have a leak,” Colquitt said. “My guys liked getting a break from all that crimping we would have done with a manual tool. I would love to do more pressing in the future.”

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