Employees at Levan Machine and Truck Equipment will be comfortable in their new work location, no matter the season, after Viega radiant heat was installed in the 8,000-square-foot manufacturing bay.

Larry Kegerise of Earl F. Kegerise Inc. installed several Viega products, including radiant heat, ProPress for air and water lines and MegaPress for gas lines throughout the building. The business is located in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, and thanks to radiant, the employees will be very comfortable in the cold months ahead.

Levan Machine and Truck Equipment is a regional factory distributor for truck bodies and snowplows. The business nearly quadrupled its building size in the upgrade, located just up the road from the former location. The new location brings many improvements, such as a 20-foot ceiling that will allow for an overhead crane to lower a body onto a chassis and three drive-through bays with 12-by-16-foot doors, big enough for tractor trailers when needed.

The owner of Levan originally considered overhead radiant tube heaters for the large open work space, but when he spoke to owners of a company in New York doing similar work, that owner suggested that in-floor radiant heat was the only way to go in a cold climate such as the East Coast. In-floor radiant produces better, more energy-efficient heat, keeping working conditions consistently comfortable. Radiant heating also produces a temperature gradient that is warmer at the floor level, where workers are located, as opposed to a forced-air system, where the conditioned air rises and heats unoccupied space.

Kegerise and his team laid radiant tubing in the slab and hooked everything up to the manifolds in short order. Come the crisp fall days and cold winter months ahead, the two-dozen-plus employees at Levan will have comfortable working conditions to continue serving the region.

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