Here’s yet another example of Viega saving a contractor time – this one on a rooftop near Toronto.

Nick Cisternino, of owner-operated Principle Air Systems, installed three packaged heating/cooling units on an existing commercial building in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. The units required about 350 feet of 2” gas pipe from the on-ground meter, up the side of the building and across the roof. There are ¾” lines running from the units to the commercial spaces, and a 1” line that runs to the water heater inside the building. 

“Originally, we were going to thread the pipe, so we purchased a threader – but we weren’t happy with it because it wasn’t threading our 2” properly,” Cisternino explained. “We gave up on the threader and purchased MegaPressG fittings instead.”

MegaPress was a new foray for Principle Air Systems. They’d used ProPress fittings before but never anything from the MegaPress line. Still, the confidence Cisternino said they had in ProPress made him sure that the MegaPressG product would be a good alternative for his project.

“Our supplier had sold us on the threader that we weren’t happy with, so then we told them we wanted to use the Viega press fittings,” Cisternino said. “He gave us a good deal on the fittings, and we were very happy in the end.

“We probably did the whole job in three or four hours – it would have taken my guys three days to thread it,” he added. “The time savings are huge. Plus, I saved my arms a little bit of hard work, too!”

Principle Air Systems has a RIDGID 340 press tool with ProPress jaws and is now thinking about adding MegaPress jaws to the repertoire.

“Viega is really attractive,” Cisternino said. “Time savings is big, of course, plus the physical side of it. Instead of doing things like cutting and threading and using a pipe wrench, Viega makes the labor a lot easier, for sure. This job is very demanding, so anything we can do to make our job easier is good.”

Cisternino said Principle Air Systems does “a little bit of everything,” from commercial to industrial to residential work, and their schedule has included a lot of small gas jobs lately – making Viega MegaPressG even more attractive to the company.

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